Blessing Israel!

I am thoroughly convinced that the Bible can make sense out of the chaos of this world. This is not a view held by all Americans, yet imagine if people in the United States could see the big picture of God’s purpose in the on-going wonder of creation!

Imagine if they were able to understand and accurately interpret all of the individual daily events that occur in light of that big picture. Imagine the unity and power that would give us—and the enemies of Christianity that we could disable.

The truth is that these ideas aren’t just concepts for us to imagine. They are actually God’s ideas and plans for us to execute. He wants us to understand exactly who our enemies are and what they are doing. He wants us to understand His divine plan and how we fit into it. He wants us to live as world-changers—and He’s equipped us to do it!

God’s Victory Strategy

God has given us, in His Word, a victory strategy. It’s His plan for overcoming all evil and for ensuring blessing in our individual lives, our churches, our communities, and our nation. Yet it is amazing how many Christians continue to ignore or be unaware of one of the key components of God’s strategy—actively and aggressively being a blessing to Israel!

God’s Word presents a compelling case that being a blessing to Israel is vital in our spiritual war with evil. In fact, as a former U.S. Air Force pilot who spent hours and hours studying military science, I view it as a “decisive point of conflict.”

Military science has learned in any engagement with your enemy, no matter how long or how broad the front is, there is a point of conflict along that front that will be decisive, in the sense you won’t gain just a little bit of ground, but you’ll move the enemy back along the entire front.

One example of a decisive point of conflict is understood in simply taking the high ground. Most everyone has heard the phrase, “take the high ground,” because if you get the “high ground,” odds are you will get the valley that goes with it.

Other geographical considerations that could be decisive might include the confluence of rivers, railroads or highways disabling the movement of troops and supplies.

Just as there are a number of potential decisive points of conflict in every natural war—there are key decisive points of conflict in every spiritual battle as well. Clearly, the Bible paints the picture that, for Christianity and America, our relationship to Israel is potentially decisive in terms of realizing the will and blessing of God.

In other words, God has promised to bless anyone who blesses Israel—Christian or not. That’s how important this is to God! He said in His Word, if you bless Israel, if you bless the seed of Abraham, then He will bless you. This is a huge concept, and as a result, I sincerely believe it’s time for us to make a decision to be proactive in this arena; for when we don’t actively bless Israel, we curse her by virtue of our apathy.

So, How Do We Bless Israel?

First, we start with the spiritual. We recognize the validity and veracity of Israel’s present-day covenant. God said in Genesis 17, when He made the covenant with Abraham, that it was an everlasting covenant. The bottom line is that God is not done with Israel and the Jewish people.

In fact, there are still covenant promises yet to be revealed during Daniel’s 70th week. Romans 11:26-27 says, “And so all Israel shall be saved as it is written, There shall come out of Zion the deliverer and shall turn away ungodliness for Jacob; for this is my covenant unto them” (KJV).

How is all this going to happen? The Bible doesn’t give us the specifics, but what is most important to recognize is by virtue of their covenant and ours, we are family—the family of God. Romans 11:24 is the heart of God on this matter: “For if thou wert cut out of the olive tree which is wild by nature, and wert grafted contrary to nature into a good olive tree…” The rest of the verse says “…how much more shall these, which be the natural branches, be grafted into their own olive tree?” (KJV). This phrase is referring to Israel as the natural branches.

It is the will of God that all of His family come back together in the tree—the family tree of God. This is the unfolding plan of God for the ages. I believe as we near the end of this age, there will be a gravitational pull of the Church toward Israel. In fact, that is beginning to happen even now in the earth. As the Church begins expressing our solidarity with Israel, together we can rise up against the tide of Islamofascism in the world. We can stand together in one accord and exponential power will be released. We will break through at this decisive point of conflict.

No, we may not have the same opinions, but we can be in agreement. We may have differences—even many of them—but we can still be in agreement. Amos 3:3 says that two cannot walk together unless they be agreed. The word agreed means “concord and harmony.” So, when Christianity and Judaism begin coming together as we near the end of this age, that agreement—that harmony—will release power in the earth that will literally shake things as we know it.

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It’s Time to Rise Up

Do you want the blessing of God in your life? Do you want change in your life today? Then begin to actively and aggressively bless Israel and the Jewish people. Recognize the importance of being involved in blessing the nation and the people whom God has called the “apple of His eye.” Acknowledge the present-day veracity of their covenant with God and move toward them in solidarity.

As we do, I believe we will see amazing breakthroughs in our lives, homes, churches, ministries, and communities. In fact, even our nation can and will be blessed if our foreign policies line up with God’s desires for the nation of Israel.

The time is now and the call is clear, so become an active soldier in God’s end-time strategy for victory over all evil. Rise up and bless Israel!


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