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Christians United for Israel Washington Summit July 23-24, 2018



I attended my first Summit in 2016 and, though nervous since I had never been to Capital Hill let alone lobbied there, I went home with a new resolve to educate myself as much as possible so that I could take a better stand for Israel. Since then I traveled to Israel for the first time thanks to CUFI, held a regional CUFI event, and came back for my second Summit prepared both to be inspired as well as to speak boldly in my representatives offices on behalf of Israel. I am thankful to say that I accomplished both and will be back next year to continue carrying the torch.- Randy Lebaron- Albion, NY.

“This is definitely a life changing trip. It is awesome and encouraging to be among so many pro-Israel people, and to see the unity among Christians. The atmosphere is so energizing and electrifying. It makes me aware that I am part of something so much bigger than myself, that I do have a voice and it really does matter.” – Jordan (9th Summit)

“Each time I attend CUFI, I am challenged to be more vocal in support of Israel.  I also leave with FACTS which I can use to inform others.” – Barbara (2nd Summit)

“I've been to the Summit six times. Each year I've brought someone new. Each of these people have become supporters of Israel due to the biblical and educational information they have learned. I'm already planning on going next year to  show my Christian support of Israel! I'm also thankful that the PA Congressman Toomey and Marino we visit support Israel. Thanks to everyone who puts this great event together.” – Lind (6th Summit)

“Past years were like boot camp, this year was marching orders. Chodoff, Kemp, Stakelbeck, brought home the seriousness of this Summit. It is comparable to a semester of University in 3 days, with a civics lesson to top it off.” – Paula  (9th Summit)

“I was so deeply moved, you had to be there. Not at all like watching it on the computer. My emotions were hard to contain.” – Linda  (1st Summit)

Anyone who has attended a CUFI Summit, knows this incredible event with over 6,000 Christian Supporters of Israel is an unforgettable experience. 

 There are no better friends of Israel. I have attended and it is an exceptional experience. If you will be refreshed, inspired and exhilarated by the deep support of our Christian friends for the Jewish State of Israel. - Rabbi Pesach Lerner 

“By the end of DC summit I was more informed, encouraged and prepared to advocate for Israel on campus.” – Stephanie , Clark Atlanta University

“Coming back from Israel and going to the Christians United for Israel Summit for my third time, has helped me to understand why it is important for Christians to stand, advocate, and pray for Israel now more than ever. The Summit is always like a family reunion to me and most of my closest friends have come from the annual Summit.” – Alcinia , Rhema Bible College

“To be able to see so many different nationalities, cultures, and students come together from across the nation to support Israel was quite amazing. The information that was provided and given to us was so impactful and helpful, that it set us up for greatness. Overall my experience thus far with CUFI in general has been outstanding and truly a blessing from God.” – Nathanael, Hawaii Pacific University

“God has opened so many doors in my life as a result of me standing up for Israel. My prayer is that CUFI continues investing in students by sending them to Israel and the DC summit.” – Gabrielle, The University of Alabama

“Summit, for me, is an amazing time to link up with like-minded young adults to collaborate, inspire, and encourage one another. What I genuinely appreciate is passion and effort CUFI puts into educating their student leaders on the importance of supporting Israel.” – Markia, The University of Alabama







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