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Of all the enemies that Israel and the West currently face, there's none greater than the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Iran has threatened to destroy Israel and America and is very close to acquiring the nuclear weapons with which to carry out this genocidal threat.  And even without nuclear weapons, Iran is the number one state sponsor of terrorism.  They've armed Hezbollah.  They've armed Hamas.  They've plotted to kill the Saudi and Israeli Ambassadors right here in America. 

A CUFI screening of Iranium is a free educational event for your church, community or friends.  All you need is a venue - it can be a church, community center, library, school, house, etc. - and a DVD player. You will receive copies of all the materials below when you host a screening.

Iranium Materials


1. Please fill out the information below to apply to host a CUFI screening of Iranium. We respectfully require that screening hosts follow CUFI's event guidelines and that the event is not used to promote or fund political officials, candidates or other organizations regardless of how similar their message and mission may appear to CUFI.














If you respond and have not already registered, you will receive periodic updates and communications from Christians United for Israel.


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Upon the confirmation of your screening we will send you the Iranium DVD and screening guide. CUFI will create a special webpage for your event and a promotional email that will be sent to CUFI members in your area and can be forwarded to your congregation and friends. You will also receive access to downloadable posters and promotional material, a moderator’s manual that includes: suggested Talking Points, activism Guide, discussion Topics, frequently Asked Questions, and Helpful information about the film and the Iranian threat.

The Israel Pledge

We believe that the Jewish people have a right to live in their ancient land of Israel, and that the modern State of Israel is the fulfillment of this historic right.

We maintain that there is no excuse for acts of terrorism against Israel and that Israel has the same right as every other nation to defend her citizens from such violent attacks.

We pledge to stand with our brothers and sisters in Israel and to speak out on their behalf whenever and wherever necessary until the attacks stop and they are finally living in peace and security with their neighbors.

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