2010 DC Summit email


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Mary from Lula, GA
My 8 yr old said "Mama do all these people love Israel too?" I told her that everyone at CUFI did love Israel. She said "I bet that makes God happy!" I told her I think so baby.

Mae from Baltimore, MD
Every single Christian should be aware of the events taking place in the middle east, and the necessity to stand with Israel and against anti-Semitism. CUFI gives us the voice and the training that we need to do this. Praise God for all the people involved in bring CUFI to our attention and the attention of our nation.

David from Seattle, WA
We came to the summit not knowing what to expect, and left with a greater knowledge of our 'Jewishness', how to pray for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem, the major talking points regarding Israel, and how vital it is to stand with them and not be silent any longer! Our voice will be heard by our Representatives and Senators, and we can and will make a difference! Every Believer should attend the Summit; it will change their lives!!

Vivian from Brooklyn, NY
I loved the fact that there are so many truly committed to this cause and that CUFI has so many important connections in the world that we can actually make a difference. God Bless Pastor Hagee for his dedication to his ministry and to God! I loved that The Prime Minister also sees us a serious organization and that he took time out to be with us as well, Amazing! I just look so forward to becoming a leader within my community to make a difference on how Christians and Americans view Israel. It was inspiring and I feel more called by God take a stand for His principles on this matter.

Dorcas from King, NC
As a grandmother I have become encouraged, and inspired to become an active member of our country. That I can make a difference, and Israel does not stand alone, I have decided to stand up and not be silent anymore.

Charles from Cupertino, CA
Go to D.C. to represent your City and County and make your voice for Israel heard! Be a history maker by participating in 2011 Washington Summit! I have been to the CUFI Washington 3 times already and it is exciting to see thousands of Christian and Jewish people standing together for Israel! You will learn a lot about issues relating to Israel and get to meet with elected officials and make your voice heard. I encourage all of you to attend!

Kathryn from Gibsonia, PA
It is a lifetime involvement that thanks to CUFI, an individual can do something significant to affect the United States/Israel relationship and help Israel in a meaningful way.

Ashley from Elk Grove, CA
This summit was an wonderful educational and spiritual experience. This is a wonderful opportunity for all who seek the chance to make a difference in the lives of those who do not have a voice and to be able to stand up for Israel.

David from Ailey,GA
I cannot say enough about the CUFI Summit. I would encourage anyone who love the USA and loves Israel to attend a summit. It will change your life.

Shekinah at student from Pensacola, FL
Going to CUFI as a student really changed my life. Before going to CUFI, I had some basic knowledge as a Christian why I should stand for Israel, but since going I've gotten more. There were three of us college students from my church that attended and each of us are going to different colleges. The plan is for all of us to have a CUFI on campus at all three of the schools so that we can have many more students available to know the reason why our brothers and sisters in Israel need our help. Not only the Biblical reasons, but the political reasons so that we can have a foot to stand on when people don't understand the Biblical reasons.

Rachal from Chicago, IL
As a child of Holocaust survivors, I grew up with the feeling that everyone hated Jews. I personally experienced anti-Semitism throughout my life. But when I came to the CUFI Summit, I witnessed a tremendous outpouring of love for Israel and the Jewish people. It touched me in the most profound way and I left with my spirits uplifted in the knowledge that we are not alone. Thank you CUFI for all that you do.

Amanda a student from San Antonio, TX
Being a part of the CUFI Summit 2010 was inspiring. I went in not exactly knowing what to think, but it instilled passion ,drive and purpose to speak out for Israel, not because of any ulterior motives, but because it is the right thing to do. I have been equipped to take this knowledge and shake my campus, my community, my country. God Bless You CUFI!

Susan from Rockford, IL
I have had a business relationship with Israel for nearly 30 years and have been to Israel 31 times. During that time I have come across many, many organizations, but I had not joined one. CUFI is "the real deal." The leadership doesn't waste money; they use it for Israel. In addition, they have concrete goals and accomplish them in DC. It is a very positive, spiritual, and enthusiastic group working on a very serious threat. I applaud the leadership of CUFI.

Steven from Newhall, CA
I came across the CUFI website by means I don't recall about 1 1/2 years ago. I subscribed to receive the weekly CUFI email message. Every week I read in amazement about righteous gentiles professing their love for Eretz Yisrael and the Jewish people. Not only was there talk, but there was action: Nights to Honor Israel; church activities to support Israel; charity and good works bestowed upon the citizens of the State of Israel; tours to Eretz Yisrael; political support for Israel; and much, much more. As a practicing Jew, I had to see for myself if this was really true. The Summit was testimony to a new paradigm between the Jewish and Christian communities. I was emotionally shaken and my eyes filled with tears with the protestations of love for the Jewish people and Eretz Yisrael that I witnessed at this Summit. This Summit (and David Brog and Pastor Victor Styrsky's books) positively changed my perception of Evangelical Christianity. Ironic as it seems, more Jews ought to attend the CUFI Summit.

Judy from Converse, TX
I nearly didn't attend the Summit because I didn't think being there would make any difference. After attending, I know now, my being there, showing support, does make a difference and I will be attending all future Summits as long as I am able.

Tonya from Shreveport, LA
This was my third year to attend the CUFI Washington DC summit. Every year I am blessed to come away from the summit with not only a greater understanding and respect of Israel, but a greater love of this land and her people.

Efrain from Brighton, CO
It's overwhelmingly amazing to see what the Good Lord has done in, for, and through us all this year at CUFI!

Vanessa a student from Los Lunas, NM
The whole Summit was amazing! I really enjoyed attending this year and Lord willing, will be there again next year.

Patricia from Roseville, CA
The information provided at the Summit is powerful, motivating, stirring the depths of the heart for Israel, the Lord's beloved, the apple of His eye. The Bible says my people die for lack of knowledge. This Summit is a striking exposition of the truth of what's happening in Israel. Our media is biased beyond fault. The people need the truth to make intelligent decisions which cannot happen with the information given us. The Summit sorts things out and gives the truth based on actual events not fabrication. Everyone either needs to attend at least one Summit or, at a minimum, A Night to Honor Israel. Thank you for your perseverance under threatening circumstances in giving us the privilege to learn the truth.

Patricia from Vassalboro, ME
My husband (Rev. Steve Rogers) and I were thrilled that we could represent the state of Maine at this event. We had a very nice meeting with Senator Susan Collins and were able to deliver information to our other senator and Congressman Mike Michuad. The CUFI Summit was just awesome and we plan on returning next year as the CUFI State Directors for the grand state of Maine.

Hannah a student from Oakdale, MN
The opportunity to meet other college students my age was really encouraging. I came to CUFI Summit knowing so little about what's really going on in Israel, and came home well informed and well prepared to help make a difference in our nation. I also made some incredible friendships that could only have been God ordained. He is so good!

Pamela from Chisago City, MN
I went alone not knowing anyone at all. I had the wonderful experience meeting with Americans from across this Nation and in my own State. I did ride the bus which was a 24 hour trip each way. The opportunities were endless and life touching. I would do it all over again.

Harry from Baltimore, MD
To attend CUFI the first time is a wonderful learning experience. The quality of the speakers and the tireless efforts of the staff make this a great event. Going the 2nd year fills one with great expectations and hope of seeing friends made last year. There was such an expectation this year as I took my wife and oldest daughter for their first time. All expectation were exceeded and we all left we a greater appreciation and love for Israel. We look forward to 2011!

Mary a student from Las Vegas, NV
It was an AMAZING experience! I learned so much. It was awesome to meet so many other college students who shared my passion for Israel. I am already excited and making plans to attend the 2011 Summit!

Marni from Minnetonka, MN
This was my first Summit and wasn't sure what to expect. As a Jewish guest I felt very welcomed and was exceptionally impressed with the quality of the entire Summit. The Night to Honor Israel was the crown jewel of the entire experience. I cried as we waved Israeli flags, sang Ha'Tikvah and danced to Israeli music. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for loving Israel - I never knew we had so many true friends!

Kathy from Holland, MI
The summit is a most inspirational, educational, equipping 2 days. During this time in our world of anti-Semitism we need to be reminded of God's heart for the land of Israel and His special people the Jews. The Torah is full of promises to them and the Apostle Paul's reminder of God's heart and plans for His people the Jews in Romans 11 is something most churches skip over. What a wonderful thing it is to be part of what God is doing uniting His special people with evangelical Christians for such a time as this.

Glenn from Village of the Hills, TX
The DC Summit opened my eyes to the reality that I can do more for Israel than just pray or the peace of Jerusalem. It allowed me to put FEET TO MY FAITH!

Pam from Rogers, AR
This was my 4th year to attend and I can see that it does make a difference with the congressmen and senators. I sensed we are beginning to build a relationship with them which is important to our long-term purpose. I enjoyed the Holocaust Museum and hope it will be a part of the Summit next year.

Sarah from Gulfport, MS
I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit at the worship and prayer. It was a great. I felt highly honored that we as Christians were invited to attend the Jewish Tisha B"av. It was very interesting and the very fact that we were allowed to be a part of history in participating in their service.

Sandra from Maple Grove, MN
I went back to MN charged up and on fire for God and for standing for Israel. I enjoyed meeting new friends from my home church and others at the banquet. Just being in Washington was such an experience. Our forefathers had something wonderful in mind when the U.S. of America was founded and the best thing is that we, America, are a Christian nation and when you look around and there is no denying it when you see all of the monuments and men who stood for God.

Sally from Maple Grove, MN
Thought that the summit was very well organized and very professional. Was very impressed.

Ruben from San Antonio, TX
Definitely an eye-opener to see and awesome opportunity to participate in such a large gathering of Christians supporting Israel in the Nation's Capital

Sharon from Saybrook, IL
This is my 4th summit and I have enjoyed all of them as I love Israel and the Jewish people. The church I attend has done the Sunday to Honor Israel twice and we plan to do it again next year. Plus a pastors luncheon and possibly some others things with our small community. If if weren't for CUFI I don't know that we would have done so. Pastor Nick Carlson is very, very supportive of these efforts(our pastor at New Beginnings Christian Fellowship in Gibson City, Ill I actually wanted to come to the first summit but did not because of finances. Our Lord has provided the way these last four times. Praise G-D for what you are doing and going to do through CUFI to bring the message that Israel is a State/Country and should be recognized as such. Thank You so much.

Ron from San Antonio, TX
The greatest moment was the opening with Praise and Worship for their was a mighty presence of the Holy Spirit. I knew in my Spirit that this was going to be a "God Blessed Event" for our standing for Israel. What a blessing the entire event was for me and my Spiritual Growth. I have visited Israel as a non-believer and years later as a Spirit Filled child of Jesus Christ. My first trip I was not impressed. However, on my return with the Holy Spirit in my Soul, I wanted to kiss the ground. My prayers uphold Israel. In Jesus Name.

Roman from Roseville, CA
I had a tremendous time at the CUFI 2010 summit. The intellectual speakers and overall organization of the summit was top notch, and I highly recommend it for all Christians.

Richard from Wentzville, MO
I loved being with so many on-fire Christians that love Israel Thank you so much for a WONDERFUL summit. Just seems like a little bit of heaven being with all those awesome Christians!!.

Leslie from Newbury, England
We were give so much information which spoke to our hearts. The people we met were just great. My Husband and I prayed once we knew that we would be attending. From the time we left England until we arrived in Washington the Lord was with us every step of the way. The hotel we stayed in was in Greenbelt, Maryland, but even that the Lord worked out for us because we were next to a shopping center and we had everything we needed right there. The experience left both my husband and I feeling as if we were on cloud nine. The Spirit of God could be felt in the Convention Center each day and we felt so honored to be a part of it. Everyone we met we felt so Blessed. To have such a large group and all be in One Spirit was out of this World. We do have a heart for Israel but it inspired us so more or if you will, put more of a flame under us to do so much more for Israel. We thank God for giving us an opportunity to be at the Summit. Yes, it was a sacrifice but well worth it. We have made a commitment to be a part of the Summit each year!!!

Caleb at student from Findlay, OH
I came to the Summit with a few reasons to support Israel. I left the Summit with so much evidence to support Israel and made lifelong friendships. Meeting other likeminded college students encouraged me to take a bold stand for Israel on my campus, always knowing I'm not alone. God will bless Israel and may God bless the USA as we fight for Zion's sake.

Clayton a student from Mobile, AL
The summit was incredible. I highly enjoyed getting to discuss Israeli-American relations with Members of Congress. The CUFI Washington Summit was a monumental effort that displayed the national presence of pro-Israeli Christianity at Capitol Hill. I was inspired, encouraged and practically equipped to understand the role of Christians and Americans in their stand with Israel. After attending CUFI Washington Summit I now feel more equipped to be not only a Christian voice, but a political voice both on my college campus on American soil. May God Bless the Work of CUFI and may God continue to Bless the state of Israel!

Cyrene from Duluth, MN
It was so enlightening to come together with a group of Christians and Jews to honor God's Word together. I felt such a spiritual movement and blessing to do the will of God!

Annie from Rio Rancho, NM
It was great to have God show up in Washington.

Ashley from Robertsdale, AL
CUFI has changed my life. Through this experience I have grown closer to God, and I know that He will enrich my life as I sacrifice to enrich the lives of others. At first, I was nervous and did not know what to expect. But God puts you in situations to make you realize your potential. I believe that I can make a difference because God did so love the world that He gave us His only Son who would save the world. His Son that is the Living Water. God is so wonderful that He even shows us this in our lives, for water touches every mass of land on Earth. Praise be to God.

April from Washington, DC
Shalom, I attended the Night to Honor Israel and it was awesome! The atmosphere was filled with so much love and unity from people of all walks of life coming together under one banner - ISRAEL. This is what heaven must look like.

Denise from Charleston, SC
In a word, WOW! Not being one for "one word" testimonies, however, I must briefly tell my story. I went off to Washington, DC by train without having a place to stay. Registration and train tickets were paid for, but there wasn't much money left. I stepped out in faith, figuring that if God spent so much money getting me to DC, surely He wasn't going to drop the ball now! My friends thought I was little crazy for taking off to DC with my back pack and my faith. I'd been in tighter spots than this! As it happened, God blessed me with a new friend who offered to share her room at the Henley Park Hotel with me - just a block from the convention center! This was just the beginning of an unbelievable adventure into the goodness and riches of our Lord! My story is long, but fascinating I hope to share it with the CUFI participants - you know, the one or two who didn't hear it directly from me while I was in DC. Thank you so much for this life changing opportunity.

Dewayne from Edina, MN
The Holocaust display by the students meant much to me as my older brother was personal tank driver for Gen. Patton and smashed gates and fortification were demolished in the camps they went through. I spoke up for freedom of the Jews and Christians. I prayed to G-d to give me the voice to speak wisely. G-d answered my prayer, just like He did with my time in the Jordan River in 2008.

Dwayne from Fort Smith, AR
The focus and very organized pace and content of the whole meeting. This was my first attendance of a Summit. I've been an Israel supporter for years as most Bible reading people and Christians tend to be. I've lead groups to Israel and been five times, so "why attend?" I thought. I'm so glad I did! I see what the outcome of CUFI vision has done for Israel and the USA, because of it organization and ever increasing numbers! Having one voice is very important in our day! 420,000 and growing, is good! Israel support is important because it's close to God's heart!

Jim from Highlands Ranch, CO
Last year we were new and somewhat confused about the plight of Israel. We went with Pastor Hagee to Israel in March. This second Washington Summit cemented things together and deepened our commitment to the Jewish people and their land..

Don from Mt Vernon, OR
The 2010 Summit was extraordinary! It was dynamic in every way...We came away increased in understanding & relating to Israel with greater relevancy. Speakers were superb ! Everything well done! Very well spent 4 days!

Laura a student from Hatboro, PA
The College section was amazing! I really enjoyed meeting other college students and getting training that was relevant for me. Before coming to the summit I didn't understand why we stood for Israel outside of the religious but after attending the summit I have more knowledge than most of my senators and congressmen and I can have an intelligent conversation in an language they speak.

James from Pittsburgh, PA
The highlight of the Summit was the "Night to Honor Israel" banquet. The site of seeing all those American & Israeli flags waving is a sight to see and hear! We took Washington, DC by storm for the Lord God of Israel!

Barbara from Eugene, OR
The Summit totally clarifies in no uncertain terms the importance of standing with Israel & how real the Iranian threat is.

Aryeh from, Jerusalem
The CUFI Summit is now one of the most significant Israel-oriented events of the year in Washington, and in the world. Israel, as the spearhead of the free world's battle against Islamist extremists, too often stands alone. Thousands of American Christians, whose support of Israel is based on moral, historical, political and intellectual foundations as well as an obvious religious conviction, come to Washington each year for the Summit. They not only express their support but direct that expression at America's political leaders. And they do so as Americans, with American interests in mind as well as a strong belief in the moral correctness - in spite of the political incorrectness - of Israel's right to exist and right to defend itself. Their courage, intellectual integrity, and moral clarity should be celebrated - and emulated - by all Americans and Israelis.

Jerri from Salem, OR
When God shows up it makes history and God showed up at CUFI! What a wonderful expression of support and love for Israel. I had 2 friends from Israel who came as guests of CUFI and they were so touched by the outpouring of love and support of Christians from everywhere. They met and spoke with Pastor Hagee and were extremely impressed by his sincerity and love for Israel. ! This was also my son's first time to attend and God used this in a mighty way to open his eyes. Praise Him! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to gather and for the great job you all did.

Liliya from Sacramento, CA
It was my third time in Washington DC. I think it becomes more and more powerful every year. As a Christian, I feel that we are privileged to have such an important task to support Israel. I'm doing that with honor and pleasure. CUFI Summit changed my life and I'm looking forward to come to DC in 2011 with my friends and family. Thank you John Hagee and CUFI stuff for making it easier for us to love and support our Jewish brothers and sisters.

Carla from Ogilvie, MN
This was my first trip to Washington D. C. Although it was wonderful to see the Capitol, the reason we were gathered there was so much more important. Our representatives in Washington D.C. are just people like you and I, they need understand what CUFI is all about and the need to support Israel. I can hard wait for next year.

Elizabeth-Ann from Montreal, Canada
We can put Israel front and centre and we do, at CUFI, Washington Summit. We can become a voice that will be heard around the world, and we are. We can support Israel in more and more important, fruitful ways as we are guided by His Faithful Hand. God loves Israel, He founded His Chosen People and He provides in every way for them, even through us at CUFI.

Glenn from Brooklyn, NY
It was very informative my commitment to Israel was made stronger. To see the body of Christ come together for a common cause was very moving and inspiring.

Caryl and Denise from Durham, NC
it was very informing. My second time and my mom's first time at the Summit and we learned so much. My mom and I had the best time ever.

Madeliene from Arvada, CO
It was incredibly informative and I was honored to listen to so many speakers that have such an incredible impact on CUFI and the world.

Isaac from Rockwall, TX
It was our first time to attend a summit, it was over the top, everything was done in good taste, there was a lot of enthusiasm and energy, one can see that while many other ministers and individuals have tried to break the barrier between Jews and Christians, no one is more successful in doing so then John Hagee, one can see John's love and passion for the Jewish people and the hand of God behind this accomplishment.

Kelly from Nampa, ID
When I sensed Jesus was leading me to go, I should have known the Summit was going to be "Above and beyond what I could think or ask"! What a wonderful adventure in God's good purposes, enlightenment, information, direction, fellowship and Joyful surprises! And with Excellence in every respect being the order of the day, every sacrifice made to attend paled in comparison to the overflow of Blessings. I am a happily changed person, "my dwelling is enlarged"!

Mandy from Rutherfordton, NC
I met so many wonderful people who were genuinely committed to the cause of supporting Israel. I cannot tell you how refreshing that was! Pastor Hagee and Diana were wonderful and strong leaders for the Summit. I so enjoyed it.

Imani from San Antonio, TX
I always prayed for Israel but I never really knew why I had too. So coming to the summit made me understand while Christians should stand up for Israel. And has made me want to do more for Israel.

Albert from Hazlehurst, GA
The experience was so great that I will be bringing my grand-daughter in 2011 so she may get the blessing I feel I received.

Cheryl from Milford, MI
As Christians we need to stand up for Israel. The CUFI Summit is a place you can come to educate yourself on how you can do just that. I was so impressed on how smoothly everything went. I am happy to be involved in this organization.

Eva from Glendale, AZ
Just to talk to John Kyle and John McCain for Arizona to see the support in them and all the people that come all across the country to support and pray for our future home Israel.

Jackie from Plymouth, MN
God will meet you at the Summit; He will honor your participation by giving you personal experiences that impact your heart, mind, and spirit. You have to go to know what I mean.

Corrine from Sacramento, CA
A powerful experience connecting with people from all over the country who share God's heart for Israel.

Jordan a student from Tulsa, OK
It has been life changing. My parents encouraged me to go and I thank CUFI for the scholarship because I would not have been able to go. I enjoyed myself and learned more about Israel than anything I have seen or heard. I have never been to Israel and I would love the opportunity to do so.

John from Marietta, GA
As in the past years, the 2010 summit did not disappoint. The organization and precision of each event is excellent. Bringing an event of this size to completion is an enormous accomplishment. It is definitely a first-class operation. The love for Israel and the Jewish people shines through in every area.

Diane from Torrance, CA
This year we were able to bring eight people with us from our church, they were really happy with everything. and are stirred up about Israel and supporting CUFI.

Chris a student from Pensacola, FL
From my church my pastor has always kept us up to date with Israel and why it is biblical to stand with them. This summit taught me why we should stand with them for practical reasons. I loved the summit and I am planning on attending next years!!!

Donna from Hudson, NC
I think this Summit is and always will be a rewarding experience for those who attend. I find it exciting to see so many people get behind God's chosen people to be a voice here for them. Everyone should go at least once. Beware though; you will probably go back again and again. This is the most rewarding trip I have taken in a while.

Lee from Phoenix , AZ
As American Jews, my wife and I were moved to tears on several occasions to know that so many Christians were so very devoted to the survival of Israel.

Akaya student from the University of Arkansas, Little Rock
“I am a different person today than I was the day before I attended the 2010 CUFI Summit. Since the Summit I have written all my congressional representatives, I have started the process to begin a CUFI on Campus chapter at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and Agape College, I have prayed for Israel, I have read books on why Christians should support Israel, I have been talking to church members, other students and my family members about biblical and political reasons for supporting Israel.  In sum, I am no more a Christian who simply says I support Israel, I am now a Christian who actively supports Israel.”
Roman student from California State University
“I was unable to find any other students on my university campus who cared for Israel as much as I did.  Hearing about student groups engaging in despicable anti-Israel activities on campuses left me disheartened, because I realize that the students of today will be the congressman, senators, and Presidents of tomorrow.  In Washington D.C., I was astounded to discover that at least four hundred students from college campuses all across America were also in attendance.  Talking with them, I realized that I was not alone in my desire to support Israel, and that hope was not lost for pro-Israel students on college campuses in America.”
Oleg Klimkiv student from Sacramento State University
“Going into it, I didn't realize my voice and opinions could make a difference. What I am doing every day, - posting articles, doing research papers in school - are effective ways to get the [CUFI] message heard.

Steven Clark, Polk State College
“As a Ukrainian immigrant enjoying the freedom in America, seeing how a democracy works first hand was life- changing for me. Seeing how I, a constituent, have the power to easily and directly influence the people in office that represent me was extremely inspiring. I have learned about why it is important to support Israel beyond biblical reasons with reasons that directly matter to our administration.”
Brianna Cuellar student from Oral Roberts University
“I have dedicated my academic life to learning more about Israel and the Middle East in order to better relations between Israel and her neighbors. Having that Summit scholarship available to students has greatly helped many of us and we are very appreciative! Oral Roberts University students are excited about this coming year. We are working on setting up more events for students and have already begun submitting articles to our on campus newspaper about what we did this summer in D.C.”